"We embrace other cultures, fostering international trade services & mining"

If it is in the Infrastructure services or International trade and Procurement supplier activities, it certainly has to do with us - THE DEBAJ GROUP. Both of Debaj’s constituent companies divisions, work towards contributing to enhancing the way of life.

Debaj Group Inc. is a USA based Company. In April 1995, the Chairman of Debaj Group, urged a rethink on how to help strengthen and expand the U.S. Economy by improving the African nations and other less developed nations in order to develop and improve the infrastructure and trade sector.

To create a valuable market for the U.S goods and services, Debaj was conceived to be the catalyst for accelerated socio-economic development around the globe.

The Debaj Group provides a full spectrum of infrastructure and trading services to help our clients solve highly complex problems and build and operate the systems and facilities that make the world a better place to live.

We are here to serve and trade with you, all of the Debaj Groups, constituents divisions, working towards contributing to enhancing the way of life.
We are here to serve you.

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